Welcome to APTOS-APOIS2024!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 9th Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS) Symposium held in conjunction with the 4th Asia-Pacific Ocular Imaging Society (APOIS) Congress. It is the first joint meeting of APTOS and APOIS and we can’t wait to share with you the recent advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence, ocular imaging and tele-ophthalmology in the vibrant city of Hong Kong and its largest innovation ecosystem – the Data Technology Hub of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Corporation (HKSTP).
Since 2016, APTOS has grown from a special interest group on the use of tele-ophthalmology and artificial intelligence (AI) to gradually and systematically tackle the challenges surrounding the use of tele-ophthalmology and AI in ophthalmology. It is promising to see that the global ophthalmology community has already employed AI as a diagnostic tool in their clinical practice and adopted tele-ophthalmology when travel is out of the question. Even so, we realize that much more needs to be done so that more and more ophthalmologists can benefit from technological advancements. For the 2 days of APTOS-APOIS 2024 scheduled for December 14 – 15 in Hong Kong, we have chosen the theme “Generative AI in Ophthalmology.” By joining hands, it is hoped that the synergy we create will help bring more and more attention to the fields so that AI, and generative AI in particular, can become an assistive tool to which ophthalmologists can confidently delegate work.
The scientific program of APTOS-APOIS 2024 will feature prominent speakers, excellent panelists and experts with hands-on experience in deploying AI and tele-ophthalmology in the real-world setting. Cutting-edge ocular imaging technologies and their applications will also be showcased. We hope that you will find our program instructive and enjoyable. With this joint APTOS-APOIS meeting, we are one step closer to bringing vision for all with digital health.
We look forward to your active participation in APTOS-APOIS 2024 and are excited to welcome you to Hong Kong, whose bustle never stops at all!
Yours sincerely,

Prof Mingguang HE
APTOS President

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 9th Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS) meeting, jointly organized by the 4th Asia-Pacific Ocular Imaging Society (APOIS) congress. This joint meeting marks another significant milestone in our collective journey between APTOS and APOIS towards advancing ophthalmic care through innovation, collaboration and partnership.
At APTOS-APOIS 2024, we are excited to present a comprehensive program featuring the latest developments in ocular imaging and telemedicine, covering emerging and exciting areas of digital ophthalmology, artificial intelligence in healthcare, deep learning and foundational models, as well as the latest trends and novel techniques in imaging.
This meeting will be multi-disciplinary and include clinicians, clinician-scientists, scientists and engineers as well as industry partners. Through a diverse array of presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities, we aim to inspire and empower all attendees to drive impactful change in the field of tele-ophthalmology and ocular imaging.
We hope that you will join us for this very enriching experience, as we come together to explore new horizons, exchange insights, and forge lasting connections. Your participation is vital in shaping the future of our fight against blindness with advances in ophthalmic technology and digital health.
Welcome to APTOS-APOIS 2024! See you!

Prof Tien-Yin WONG
APOIS President